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Channel Partners Technologies

To succeed, solutions providers must deliver customers a richer mix of technology than ever before. Channel Partners is your go-to source for news, reports, video and tools to translate today's innovative techs to strategic business advantage.


Big data can deliver game-changing customer insights – but only if the underlying analytics infrastructure can handle volume and velocity. Here’s how to help any business get the most from its data.


Developing mobile apps for business brings plenty of high-stakes decisions on platform, language and more. A poorly designed app can drive customers away in droves, so trusted advisers are critical to success.


Backups tend to be underappreciated, under-funded and ignored – right up until a server crashes or an attacker encrypts critical files. Solutions providers must help customers get data protection right. Here’s how.

Business Strategy

For channel partners, it’s not enough to deliver five-nines uptime and cutting-edge services. We must help IT leaders map expenditures to outcomes and decipher the potential of technology to transform the business.


There's never been a networking need that couldn’t be satisfied with more bandwidth. Cable routinely delivers performance in excess of the 50 Mbps down and 10 Mbps up today. As DOCSIS 3.1 makes its way to cable network, performance of 10 Gbps down and 1 Gbps up will be possible.


There’s no doubt that cloud is quickly revolutionizing the way IT services are delivered. It’s also radically changing the business of the channel. The question now is, will you get in front of this transformation, or be left behind?


There are lots of ways to empower employees to work closely to achieve business goals, from consumer-class apps to full UC&C suites. Here’s how to assemble the right collaboration mix for customers, keeping in mind cost, security and mobility.

Data Center

Whether a customer has two dozen servers or two thousand, on-premises or collocated, channel partners need to ensure systems are kept secure, running and responsive. It’s a big job, but with success come rewards.

Disaster Recovery

Few IT functions are as important as disaster recovery and business continuity. However, it can be a battle to get proper funding, and conservative customers may resist advances, especially around cloud. Here’s how to break down barriers.


Fiber to the premises is the gold standard for connectivity. With the ability to support multiple independent data streams, fiber offers the performance, security and flexibility that today’s demanding businesses need.


The Internet of things will eventually touch every business, in every vertical, but big questions remain around standards, security and data ownership. Trusted advisers need to guide customers, because falling behind the IoT curve could be costly.


Between advances in Wi-Fi standards, ongoing security threats and demands to support a rich variety of endpoint devices, the boring local-area network is not quite so set-and-forget. That spells business opportunity for channel providers.


Today, customers and employees expect seamless support for apps and services, on any device, wherever they happen to be working, and with full access to data. Oh, and without compromising security. Here’s how to deliver.


When you’re building wide area networks for your clients, MPLS gets the job done. It’s reliable, well understood and highly available.


Remember all those predictions of "the paperless office"? We’re not there yet, and that means solutions providers must support printing from a variety of devices, cost effectively.


From PCI to HIPAA to FISMA and vertical-specific regs, compliance is non-negotiable. Here’s how trusted advisers can steer customers through a tangle of existing, and new, regulatory challenges.


There’s nothing more critical than helping customers protect sensitive data. There’s also nothing as complex – coping with insider threats, nation-state hacking, ransomware and garden-variety exploits means channel partners must bake security into every solution, from the ground up.


When pricey, proprietary hardware ruled the storage roost, the market was predictable and profitable. Now, the forces of cloud, commoditization and software primacy have come for those fat margins. Here’s how to manage the transition.


The wired desk phone used to be the foundation of business communications. That’s changing fast, leaving agents scrapping over a shrinking market. A better bet? Figure out what’s next in collaboration and build innovative solutions.

User Productivity

It's econ 101: More efficient employees equals fatter profit margins and more ability to reinvest in the business, including new technologies. From remote desktops to cloud-based applications, here’s how to keep employees happily working anywhere, anytime.


Use of cloud, especially software as a service, has changed how companies configure their wide-area links. Fortunately, new technology choices, including MPLS and Ethernet-based options, can help channel partners deliver WAN capacity for a reasonable cost.