Think Outside the Budget: Streamlining IT Development


Think Outside the Budget: Streamlining IT Development

It’s possible for government to provide citizens with the kinds of services they’ve learned to love in the private sector — think apps for quickly retrieving information and well-designed, easy-to-navigate websites. But getting there requires a new way of thinking about budgets and project management, and a willingness to encourage sometimes change-resistant government units to try new things. This Report examines techniques for project launch and management that may help overcome the obstacles inherent in navigating typical government processes.

Takeaways for Your Business

  • Learn how DevOps, Agile and Lean Startup Principles produce better outcomes.
  • Discover why usability is king in the realm of technology project development.
  • Find out how analytics can play a key role once usability basics have been taken care of.

About the Author

Jonathan Feldman is chief information officer for the City of Asheville, North Carolina, where he encourages innovation through better business technology and process. During Feldman’s leadership, the city has been recognized nationally and internationally (including the International Economic Development Council New Media, NATOA Community Broadband, and the GMIS Best Practices awards) for improving services to citizens and reducing expenses through IT innovation.

Feldman’s business innovation training and experience includes master’s degree from Georgia Tech's business school and more than 20 years of business technology practice with a diverse group of customers: government, military, law enforcement, financial services and health care. As a business technology consultant, he worked with dozens of public and private-sector organizations, helping them understand business benefits, risks, governance, process changes, and policies that go with new technologies. He has brought startup ideas to large organizations and works in the community as an organizer and mentor to help startups succeed. His work with Asheville's startup and open data scenes have been featured by and the National League of Cities. He is active in the IT, startup and open data communities, was named a "Top 100 CIO to follow" by the Huffington Post and is a co-author of Code For America's book, “Beyond Transparency.” Feldman is a popular public speaker and columnist on the topics of leadership, innovation, IT people skills and running large organizations "like a startup." Learn more about him at

Twitter handle: @_jfeldman