How to Sell a Hosted Contact Center


A few years ago, a call or letter to the contact center was the only way a customer could reach out. Today the contact center is but one element in an evolving digital marketing complex. Still, when it comes to customer relationships, no corner of the IT infrastructure is more important — customers have high expectations regarding contact options, service capabilities and issue resolution, and falling short can mean losing loyalty. This Report looks at the evolving role of the contact center, the technical and financial advantages of cloud-based options, and how to help clients decide whether to move to a hosted model.

Table of Contents

  • Focus on the Big Picture
  • Sell the "Basics"
  • Sell the "Vision"
  • Close With the "Business Case"
  • Conclusion

Takeaways for Your Business

  • Review the four-step process for selling clients on moving their contact centers to the cloud.
  • Discover the contact center’s evolving role, from issue resolution to customer relationship management.
  • Learn how hosted contact centers offer customers both IT and business technology advantages.