Can Cloud Lead to More Secure Computing?

Can Cloud Lead to More Secure Computing?

Issue Summary

Common wisdom about cloud is that it automatically opens systems to unprecedented, catastrophic risks, and in exchange for the business agility we gain by using cloud systems we trade away “security.” This Pulse Digital Issue will show why this turns out to be an unfair generalization and how cloud actually may improve the state of IT security. It also will outline how providers and channel partners can expand the use of cloud technology without jeopardizing data and systems.

Table of Contents

  • Why Cloud Feels Unsafe
  • Has the Cloud Changed the Nature of Data Breaches?
  • Cloud's Impact On Security Practices

Takeaways for Your Business

  • Learn how organizations rate their ability – or lack thereof – to secure data in the cloud.
  • Review the nine types of data breaches and how they are impacted (or not) by cloud delivery.
  • Discover why organizations must embrace a more sophisticated security model: identity-as-perimeter.