Cloud Storage Takes on the Growing Data Dilemma

Cloud Storage Takes on Growing Data Dilemma

Issue Summary

Data has made digital hoarders out of everyone. Every day, individuals and organizations create billions of gigabytes of new data to communicate, do their jobs or simply pass the time. All that data has to go somewhere. Designing, deploying, managing and maintaining a storage infrastructure to handle ballooning volumes of gigabytes, especially in businesses with multiple locations, may be the greatest challenge – second to security – facing today’s IT managers. Storage systems are complex, expensive and and always seem to be running out of capacity. But there is an alternative. As with seemingly all things digital these days, the answer is in the cloud. This Pulse Digital Issue takes a look at the growing data dilemma, how cloud storage addresses this challenge and how channel partners can make the case for cloud storage with data-inundated clients.

Table of Contents

  • Increasing Storage Needs
  • Rising Demand for Cloud Storage
  • Defining Storage Needs
  • Selling Cloud Storage

Takeaways for Your Business

  • Learn why demand for cloud storage is growing at a 33 percent CAGR over the next five years.
  • Find out why it's a mistake to think about storage as simply a commodity.
  • Discover six key selling points for cloud storage, including improved security.