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ExtraHop: Partners Poised to 'Own SMB and Midmarket for Us'

By Edward Gately
June 12, 2017 - Article
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... what their gross margin opportunity is regardless of how we’re engaging with one another. So if we can create that predictability, we can give them certainty on the amount of gross margin that they can earn – and oh, by the way, make very rich and profitable margins – then we can be a very attractive partner for them.                                                                     

CP: What do you plan to accomplish in your first six months to a year in this position?

CL: For me, the first six months is all about laying the foundation to help the productivity and growth of ExtraHop. And a big part of creating a productive, leveraged sales organization is in your partner strategy. So it’s laying the foundation on the rules of engagement that we use and follow when engaging with partners. It’s outlining and creating those clear expectations with the gross margins and solutions that we partner with. So a big part of my first six months is focusing on the productivity side of the equation in the sales organization. It’s making sure that our marketing message and our go-to-market selling motion is well defined and understood inside of the sales organization. And by focusing on the productivity of our sales organization, it’s going to put us in a position in another six months to really start to expand our sales organization, expand the number of sellers that we have, expand the number of partners that we work with, so that we can really start to accelerate our growth rate. We’re already a high-growth company, but we see an opportunity to really accelerate the growth even further.                

CP: What sort of feedback have you begun receiving from partners? What are they telling you? Are there things they like and don’t like?

CL: It’s early on, but the feedback I’ve gotten is the channel community sees the power of ExtraHop and they see the power of our technology, and they see the ability to make strong gross margins and help their customers. So we think in a lot of ways the kind of core assets are there and we’re really poised to do a lot more and accelerate with the channel. But I think the channel is looking for greater predictability and greater certainty around the gross margins that they can receive from us, and they want to make sure they’re attractive and rich. So the good news is those are pretty easy things to clarify and work on … and can really help drive further engagement and acceleration with the channel. But they’re very excited about ExtraHop and what we can do together.

CP: How do you think ExtraHop’s channel strategy and partner program will look in three to five years?

CL: I hope it’s just bigger and better. We’ll continue to refine what we do, but we want to continue to expand on the breadth of it. One of our big goals and objectives it to get more leverage in our selling model. And we all know that the best way to create leverage in technology sales is through the channel. So I envision a day where the channel could own entire segments of the market for us, where they could own the SMB and midmarket segments for ExtraHop, where our salespeople are more focused on kind of the very high end of the market. And even in the high end of the market, we would continue to partner with the channel, but I hope to get to the point where they are a completely integral part of our distribution strategy and give us the leverage that we need to become a $500 million-$1 billion in revenue company.            

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